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This blog is dedicated to women from Sri lanka and Ethiopia working as domestic workers in Beirut, Lebano
n. These women take upon themselves great voyages to foreign countries in the hope of a better future. Their courage and endurance is outstanding.

As time passes, the issues covered in this blog have expanded to cover other kinds of specific women's work like sex work, historical ways of describing the plight of women: white slavery, human traffic or modern slavery as well identitarian politics and gender...

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12 mai 2007 6 12 /05 /mai /2007 22:51
Brussels, 26-27/09/2005- Joint EC-OECD seminar on "Migrant women and the labour market"

The aim of the seminar on "Migrant women and the labour market: diversity and challenges" was to gain a better understanding of migrant women's position in the labour market and in the society of the host countries as a whole. In this context, the professional mobility of migrant women and the means of overcoming obstacles to their integration into the labour market and the discrimination they face were identified.

The two-day seminar consisted of four sessions during which the most recent statistical data and programme results relating to female migration were presented and discussed. By comparing different receiving regions and countries the diversity with regard to migrant women's integration into the labour market was furthermore examined. In this connection, a special focus was given to the following aspects:

- A comparative analysis of women of the same nationality living in Europe, North America, the Middle-East and Asia (for example of migrant women from North Africa, Turkey, the Balkans and the Philippines);

- The place and role of skilled migrant women, with a specific attention to those involved in entrepreneurship;

- The potential contribution of migrant women in meeting the future labour market needs of the EU and the OECD countries especially in view of the ageing population.

Policies and programmes aiming at facilitating the labour market integration of migrant women were furthermore examined as well as the first evaluations of the implementation of these policies and programmes. Finally, the seminar was looking to the future by discussing how to include and mainstream women’s interests in the development of migration and integration policies of the host countries as well as the labour market policies related hereto.

The seminar was attended by representatives of the EU Member States and the OECD Member Countries as well as delegates from international organisations, such as the Council of Europe, International Labour Organisation (ILO), United Nation's High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). Invited experts from non-member countries, NGOs as well as representatives from the social partners and civil society also participated in the seminar.

Check out the seminar papers

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