By MARTHA ROSENBERG Nicholas Kristof was baffled. A year after the New York Times columnist rescued teenaged Cambodian prostitute Srey Mom from a Poipet brothel by purchasing her freedom for $203, she was back in the brothel. Voluntarily. In fact, she wouldn't even be rescued initially without her cell phone and jewelry which Kristof had to buy back for her. Didn't she want to be saved? Not necessarily said organizers from Sex Worker Outreach Project-Chicago (SWOP) at a Chicago presentation […]

"King Kong Theory" rocks. One of Despentes only non-fiction accounts, the book discusses controversial issues in feminism like sex, rape or pornography, gives straightforward answers (well, it is Virginie Despentes) and describes her own experience. Prostitution, a major figure in the lives of women, is stripped to its core. Basically it is described as another form of work (for money), which in cases like hers, lead to financial and personal self confidence. Despentes cites Gail […]

(a sunday afternoon rant) Although arguably all tv is comparably rancid, Italian television stands for particularly sexist depictions of women. Back in the beginning of the 90s, when Berlusconi's mediaset arrived in Spain with their Tele 5 channel, the almost naked mamachichos would strut up and down, sing for 20 seconds and disappear. These women were the embodiment of sexy, meaningless adornments, who were there for men to grab (Mama, chicho me toca, me toca cada vez más) and 15 years old […]

Once again the Pute Pride took place in march. Meeting under red umbrellas on a rainy saturday afternoon in Pigalle. It's fun to march, not only do they have the best slogans of all, they are all dressed beautifully and the tourists and sunday strollers are more than dazzled. Here the chants: Ni coupables, ni victimes, fières d'êtres putes Plus de caresses, moins de CRS, des droits, des droits, wawawa de l'air, de l'air, ouvrez les frontières où quand comment combien je prends le choix me […]

The disclosure that New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer had been hiring the services of a sex worker has caused a major scandal in the US this week. Famous for heading the State's Organized Crime Task Force and therefore involved in the prosecution of "prostitution rings", Spitzer who relentlessly expressed his anti-corruption stand and his disdain for prostitution, seems to have been caught in the act. But what act is it really? Legally, he could be charged with the 1910 Mann act, created in the […]


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