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This blog is dedicated to women from Sri lanka and Ethiopia working as domestic workers in Beirut, Lebano
n. These women take upon themselves great voyages to foreign countries in the hope of a better future. Their courage and endurance is outstanding.

As time passes, the issues covered in this blog have expanded to cover other kinds of specific women's work like sex work, historical ways of describing the plight of women: white slavery, human traffic or modern slavery as well identitarian politics and gender...

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22 novembre 2008 6 22 /11 /novembre /2008 18:12

In a time where ideas on prostitution, migration and trafficking are so overtly reductionistic and ideological, Laura Agustín's blog Border thinking on migration, culture, economy, sex and trafficking is a helpful source of complex and contextualising analysis from somebody who has been working for years on the issue. Her critique of the rescue industry is also warmly welcomed!

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