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This blog is dedicated to women from Sri lanka and Ethiopia working as domestic workers in Beirut, Lebano
n. These women take upon themselves great voyages to foreign countries in the hope of a better future. Their courage and endurance is outstanding.

As time passes, the issues covered in this blog have expanded to cover other kinds of specific women's work like sex work, historical ways of describing the plight of women: white slavery, human traffic or modern slavery as well identitarian politics and gender...

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8 avril 2008 2 08 /04 /avril /2008 14:25

(a sunday afternoon rant)

Although arguably all tv is comparably rancid, Italian television stands for particularly sexist depictions of women. Back in the beginning of the 90s, when Berlusconi's mediaset arrived in Spain with their Tele 5 channel, the almost naked mamachichos would strut up and down, sing for 20 seconds and disappear. These women were the embodiment of sexy, meaningless adornments, who were there for men to grab (Mama, chicho me toca, me toca cada vez más) and 15 years old boys to jerk off (there was no internet back then).

Luckily I rarely watch tv, which probably explains the surprise and estrangement I feel when I watch. Last Sunday, for instance: an afternoon entertainment show on Italian TV. A  show for an after lunch family audience with the fake cheerfulness of an orchestra playing Karma Chameleon, an audience clapping away and a dancing crowd composed mainly of women.

The masculine gaze of the cameras go up and down these long legged, short skirted, moderately happy women with long hair and deep cleavages who flirt straight at you. They look over made up and sterile, like dolls.  As mindless as sexism can get.

Why get upset about pornography? Seems to me pornography offers more possibilities, sizes, sexes and perversities than these cloned Barbies. Open legs, bare sexes, in twos, in threes, pregnant, pissing, anal or oral. You stare, you cum, you relax.

These high heeled babes allow no relax. The constant bombardment with standardized erotic depictions of women does more harm to women than sex ever could. Their Sunday afternoon normality is obscene. As if good fun was a short dress and a peek into your tits.


 P.s. Charlotte Roche whose "Feuchtgebiete" (Wetland) is a bestseller in Germany stands for the same opinion:


Im „Playboy“ äußerte sich die Autorin positiv zur Pornographie. Doch im „Spiegel“-Gespräch gestand sie: „Das Pin-up, das ich auf einem C&A-Plakat sehe, wenn ich mein Kind zum Kindergarten fahre, das stört mich auch.“ Roche begründet ihre Aversion damit, dass der in der Öffentlichkeit ad nauseam propagierte Sex „langweiliger, flacher, spießiger und unaufregender“ sei als die Wirklichkeit: „Ich bin für mehr Sex - mehr Schweinereien, keine Tabus. Ich glaube, dass es vom echten Sex, dem Sex, der riecht und schmeckt und schmutzige Geräusche macht, nie genug geben kann.“

(FAZ, 14.04.08)


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